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Helping farmers tell their stories

Creating the Tomato Products Wellness Council in 2006, Idea Farming has run and operated America’s tomato products industry from having no presence, to now being one of the largest and most widely recognized commodities online.


A small consulting practice, with a global reach

Idea Farming is helping to tell stories about food and agriculture. With an extensive background in every commodity, CPGs and Start-Ups, our business has consulted major organizations globally in strategy, marketing and PR. Ultimately, it all boils down to helping to tell stories. Whether in-person events, print media, online social media or podcasts Idea Farming helps to consult new approaches to reach the right people, with the right message.

Based in Sacramento The Farm to Fork Capital of America 


For a unique approach in telling your story, growing your brand,
working with dietitians and influencers, reach out to

Farm to Table Talk

Idea Farming also produces one of the world’s most popular Food & Ag podcasts.